Our services

Alpha Robotica mainly focuses on writing and developing software for manufacturers, machine factories and end users of industrial robots.

As a part of our services, Alpha Robotica offers the possibility to transfer their experience to electro-technical and mechanical parts of a project. In this way, malfunctions are not only treated in software, but possible adaptations in the software are calculated into the entire project.

From engineering to training the users and the eventual delivery: Alpha Robotica takes care of it!

Our services may be grouped as following:

Robot programming | Robot simulations | PLC programming | Vision | Education & training | Service & maintenance

Robot programming

Alpha Robotica is a specialist in writing software for brands like: Fanuc, ABB, Staubli, Kuka, Motoman, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Adept en Hyundai. However, in other brands we find our way quickly as well.

Thanks to experience with a wide array of robot brands and their corresponding programming languages, we adapt easily to the customers standard. Programming in standard structures is of course a possibility, so own employees are able to pick up on the work easily, and are able to navigate the code later on. Up front, the wishes and aims of the customer are discussed, so programming can begin. This can be done on location, if the customer prefers so.

For the bigger robot brands it is possible simulate the workings of a robot in a visual representation, before even the first part is produced, so that the customer may get a complete idea of the eventual installation.


Robot simulations

Often, it is difficult to imagine how an installation will behave in reality. By simulating the installation, it is possible to run the entire process to scale in a three-dimensional model. In this way, it becomes clear whether, for instance, a tool hose is the right length, or whether the robot will collide with anything during execution, whether the user interface works well and if the capacity is achievable. There are many more advantages to a simulation, eliminating possible future work and any insecurities.

The simulations can be rendered as video files, so the end user can view the workings of the future installation.

PLC programming

Even though robotic software is our main activity, PLC programming is a close second. Installations always consist of more elements than a gripper robot. All other components must be supplied with the proper software. Our programmers are more than knowledgeable enough to take care of these tasks. Almost all our employees have a history in PLC programming stretching far back, and have many large PLC projects on their names. Often, it is nice to have a single contact for the controlling of the total installation. A single programmer writing all the code for both the PLC as the robot, in most cases, makes processes more efficient as well. Standalone PLC programming is of course an option as well.



Using Vision cameras, we can give the robot ‘eyes’. In this way the robot can identify the orientation of the product, adapting its position accordingly. There are many application imaginable, such as quality control, presence detection, and location determination. Vision technology is perfect for integrating in line tracking applications. This means that Vision is ideal for moving products on a conveyor belt.

We have knowledge of all major brands, and because we control basic techniques and principles, other brands are not a problem either.

Education & training

For all services we provide, we offer education and trainings. For end users working with an installation and technical staff responsible for maintenance and solving small malfunctions. Programming courses and trainings are a possibility.

We offer standard courses and trainings, but these can be adapted to your wishes and the needs of specific installations.


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